Medication Vacation

When I started on Provigil, I was able to take a half dose (100mg) and it worked pretty well for the first month. I took Sundays off per the recommendation of my sleep doctor, because even though Provigil is technically a wakefulness promoter and functions differently from amphetamines like Ritalin and Adderall, you can benefit from mini breaks. 

That half dose thing only worked for so long, and I found I needed to up the ante, if you will, and go for the full (and commonly prescribed) dose. Then I got my first refill and paid an exorbitant amount of money for my keep-awake pills. Side note: The hurdles you jump through to get the prescription are annoying enough, but now I’m paying $100/month (and I’m SUPER lucky to have good insurance) for them!? First World Problem of the finest kind, I know, but think of all the even more critical medications out there that people can’t afford! ::insert grumbling here about our screwed up insurance/pharmaceutical system::

Anyway, with the Thanksgiving holiday I got a four day weekend and took a Medication Vacation. Look at that, it’s capitalized, therefore it is a legitimate thing. It was a pretty good weekend, but I was so tired. Then on Monday, I popped a 200mg and it was like

sandy’s feelin’ that provigil life. side note – animal crossing: pocket camp is the best.


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