How to juggle important tasks, as told by someone who doesn’t do it well

The end of the semester approaches. My first “real” semester of grad school.

I have two very big deliverables at work due in December and January, consecutively.

My orchestra just finished up its performing season, but we’ve also got a really big and really exciting concert to plan/coordinate for in January.

Meanwhile, my husband’s got his own very big event in January–okay, technically it’s the same event I’m referring to–and this means December is going to be B-U-S-Y. Holiday? What holiday?!

I think the medication has helped me handle the levels of stress that pre-diagnosis me would crumble under at this point. But I’m not out of the woods yet: if I have learned anything about my body, it’s that my narcolepsy symptoms intensify exactly when I need them not to. Lately I’ve had to indulge in afternoon naps, and sleep attacks are creeping back into my workday.

Part of my stress levels come from self-inflicted pressure to do All the Things and a stubbornness about keeping my sleep disorder from taking away my life, my achievements, and hobbies that I love. For now, the stubbornness and medication work, but obviously I need to start reassessing how I spend my time.

PWN: does stress make your symptoms worse?

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